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Fall Release is now closed.


The release of our Fall wines is now closed. The wines were available via allocation to our Mailing list members.

In this release, mailing list members have received allocations for four of our top 2017 pinots: the 2017 San Andreas Fault Estate Pinot Noir, the 2017 West Ridge Estate Pinot Noir, the 2017 East Ridge Estate Pinot Noir and the 2017 Raschen Ridge Estate Pinot Noir.

This vintage gifted us with wines of elegance and delicate structure. The Pinot Noirs are earthy and red fruited, and have a dynamic old school quality, balancing ripeness and tannin. They're showing well young, with supple tannins and expressive fruit, yet also possess the acidity to age.

Click here to visit us! If you’re not yet a member of our mailing list but are interested to learn more about our wines and to recieve an allocation, we welcome you to sign up.  

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