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Mailing list members receive wine offers via allocation throughout the year, and may purchase a la carte from those offerings. Allocations are not guaranteed, and occasionally new members may need to wait a few years to receive access to certain wines. 

To become a member and request an allocation for our next release, we invite you to join the mailing list.

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Collection members receive automatic shipments twice per year. Membership guarantees immediate access to our most sought-after and limited wines. There are a limited number of spaces available in the Collection, and we are currently accepting new members. 

To join the Collection and receive your first shipment, click the button below and follow the prompts.







What is the Hirsch Mailing List?
The Hirsch Mailing List is the primary way most people access our wines. Members receive allocations for new wines via releases that take place throughout the year. Members may purchase a la carte from their allocations during release periods. Allocations are based on purchase history and tenure on the list. Due to the small production of many of our wines, new list members may need to wait a few years to receive access to our most limited wines.

What is The Hirsch Collection?
The Hirsch Collection is our take on a traditional wine club, designed for the discerning collector. Members gain immediate and guaranteed access to our most desirable and limited wines. Think of it as a way to skip the line. There are a limited number of spaces available in the Hirsch Collection, and we will be accepting new members until we reach capacity. Click here to join.

Can I be on the mailing list and in The Hirsch Collection?

Can I purchase wine without being a member?
We do our best to keep a few wines available on our website throughout the year. No membership is required when purchasing these wines. Click here to see our current offerings. 

Do you have a tasting room I can visit?
Yes! Our tasting room is located in downtown Healdsburg, California. We are open Thursday through Saturday by appointment only. Our tasting room offers guests the opportunity to taste and purchase our most limited wines, and occasionally older vintages as well. Click here to see our current tasting room line up. We invite you to book a tasting here.

Am I able to visit the vineyard and winery?
Unfortunately our vineyard and winery are closed to the public.



Do I have to purchase my entire allocation each release?
There is no commitment to purchase any specific wine or quantity of wine during a release. Mailing list members may select the wines and quantity they wish to purchase from their allocation. 

How are mailing list allocations set?
Purchase history and tenure on the mailing list are the factors taken into consideration when setting allocations.

How many releases do you have each year?
Our primary releases are in the Spring and Fall. We have additional micro-releases throughout the year, depending on wine availability. Our release calendar is subject to change.

Can I purchase more than my allocation?
If you would like to purchase more than your allocation, you may request additional bottles using our wish list feature. Look for this option when accessing your allocations during a release, or email us and we're happy to assist. Wish list requests will be granted after the release closes, if available. 


Is The Hirsch Collection a wine club?
In a sense, yes it is. See “What is The Hirsch Collection” for further details.

What is the main benefit of membership in the Hirsch Collection?
Members gain immediate and guaranteed access to our most desirable and limited wines. Think of it as a way to skip the line.

Are there any extra benefits of being a Hirsch Collection member?
There are a plethora of additional benefits for Hirsch Collection members! Click here for a breakdown of the perks.

What kind of wines are included in The Hirsch Collection?
The Hirsch Collection is geared toward the discerning collector, and thus includes our most limited and sought-after wines. It only includes Pinot Noir. Click here to see the wines included in the Collection. 
Can I purchase more bottles of a wine in my upcoming Hirsch Collection shipment?
If the wine is available, yes. Members receive an email before each shipment. At that time, please request additional bottles, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. 
Can I purchase wines not included in my Hirsch Collection shipment?
In addition to your regular shipments, Hirsch Collection members are offered some of our micro-releases throughout the year, which provides you with access to wines that are not included in shipments. For example, Hirsch Collection members will receive the opportunity to purchase our Estate Chardonnay, Bohan-Dillon Pinot Noir and Estate Rose. 

Is there a minimum purchase commitment for The Hirsch Collection? Can I cancel my membership?
Hirsch Collection members commit to purchasing a minimum of two shipments. Membership is perpetual, ongoing until cancelled. Members can cancel at any time. However, if a member cancels before the minimum commitment is fulfilled, any and all discounts and complimentary services will be charged back to the member. 



Can you ship to my state?
We ship to most states. Due to compliance regulations, we are unable to ship to the following states: Arkansas, Delaware, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Utah. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact us at

Can you hold my wine to ship when it is not too hot or too cold to ship?
We certainly can. Your wines arriving in perfect condition is our utmost priority. When making a wine purchase on our website, you will be prompted at checkout to select the future date you would like your wines to ship. If there are any questions, concerns, or weather updates around your ship date, our shipping team will reach out to keep you abreast.

What shipping services do you offer?
We offer several shipping services to guarantee your wines arrive in perfect condition. Not all shipping options are available for every state.