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The Hirsch Collection

"Every vine has its own life, its own secrets, its own manifestation." 
-- David Hirsch 

To gain immediate access to our wines, we invite you to join The Hirsch Collection. Members receive shipments twice per year, and are guaranteed allocations for our most limited wines. Please visit our FAQs for more details. 

The Hirsch Collection is geared toward the discerning collector, and thus includes our most sought-after wines. Click here to view the wines included in the 2023 Collection Shipments. 

To join and receive your first shipment, please select a tier below. 





Shipments per year

2 2
Bottles per shipment 6 Bottles 12 Bottles
Average shipment price - Excludes shipping & tax $450-$550 $900-$1,100
Shipping benefit - UPS or FedEx Ground 50% off Included
Access to member-exclusive wines
Access to limited library wines N/A
Annual complimentary tastings at Healdsburg tasting room For 2 people For 6 people
Annual vineyard visit invitation N/A
Sharing is Caring program*
Inclusion on limited allocation releases & offers
Ability to add-on to each shipment

*Sharing is Caring Program
Club members are able to “gift” their wine tasting benefits to friends visiting the area (limit one “gift” per year, limited to parties of up to 2 and 6 respectively).