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2021 Hirsch 'Raschen Ridge' Estate Pinot Noir

2021 Hirsch 'Raschen Ridge' Estate Pinot Noir
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“Terroir is within the site; we do not impose it. Our responsibility is to listen and be ready when it shows itself.” – David Hirsch

As you walk along the western edge of the Raschen Ridge, cold winds off the Pacific buffet you, and tendrils of fog follow you amongst the vines. Here the Ridge is a knife’s edge, exposed on all sides to the elements. These vines produce wines of body, weight and a kinetic energy. Follow the Ridge to its eastern end, and you will discover a hidden vineyard. Protected, idyllic and sheltered, it's like another world. From here all of Hirsch is laid out before you, and yet you're hidden in a secret garden. These vines produce ethereal wines: delicate yet persistent, complex yet charming.

The Raschen Ridge Pinot Noir is the happy marriage of these two opposite expressions. They coexist on the Raschen Ridge, a microcosm of the San Andrean complexity that defines all of Hirsch. And they result in a wine that seamlessly combines self-confidence with elegance, hedonism with complexity, and pleasure with intrigue. 

 Henry Raschen (1854–1937) was a painter of the American West who lived on the ranch that is now Hirsch Vineyards. Old-timers called our ranch the Raschen Place, and Henry’s house stood here until 1954.

TASTING NOTES: This wine is overflowing with the energetic and high-toned orange-red fruit that is a hallmark of the Raschen Ridge Pinot Noir. The fruit is regal, focused and pure. Raspberries and strawberries intermingle with notes of orange peel, red hibiscus, pomegranate, bay laurel and anise. On the palate, the attack is lush and silky, with the energetic tannins that are highly characteristic of the Raschen Ridge. The wine is already showing complex layers and incredible potential.

 SERVICE NOTES: We recommend laying this wine down for a minimum of 1-2 years before drinking. The tannins here will need time to unwind. 

Wine Specs
Pinot Noir
Fort-Ross Seaview, West Sonoma Coast
Vineyard Designation
Hirsch Vineyards
Alcohol %