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2011 Hirsch 'West Ridge' Estate Pinot Noir

2011 Hirsch 'West Ridge' Estate Pinot Noir
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The West Ridge Estate Pinot Noir is a selection of the finest and most expressive blocks on the west ridge of Hirsch. Planted between 1990 and 2003, it is a series of hilltop vineyard blocks, spread like vertebrae along the ridge’s spine. The soils on the West Ridge are highly heterogeneous, ranging from heavy black clay to sand to loam to yellow clay mixed with rock.

The foundation of the West Ridge Pinot Noir is Block 7, planted in 1990 with cuttings David Hirsch took from the Mount Eden Vineyard in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is a true massale selection, with a diverse genetic makeup. The lineage of these plants can be traced back to Paul Masson, who brought Pinot Noir cuttings from Burgundy to California in the late 1800s. The genetic diversity of the plants imparts greater complexity to the wine, but also perpetuates the leaf-roll virus that came with the vines from Burgundy. The virus inhibits the ability of the vines to carry out photosynthesis and produce sugar. The result is wines that are more delicate, naturally lower in alcohol, and have extremely fine tannins.

The West Ridge Pinot Noir also includes the very best barrels from Blocks 6 and 12, planted to the heritage California Pinot Noir clones of Swan and Pommard-Wädenswil.

The West Ridge is the most delicate of our Pinot Noirs, with soft tannins and transparent fruit. This wine seduces with complexity and mystery, rather than with power. Despite its delicate body, it has fantastic aging potential, gaining complexity and aromatic lift with age. The tannins soften and lengthen, resulting in a supple, lifted mouthfeel that is remarkably persistent.

About the 2011 vintage: While 2011 was considered a difficult vintage in much of California, it was one of the finest we have ever seen on the coast. A difficult spring opened to a cool, sunny summer. The skies were clear, and the weather was equable throughout the crucial ripening season. Physiological development was in concert with the fruit and sugar development, resulting in wines that are intense and complex.

Tasting notes, updated Fall 2020: The 2011 West Ridge is an absolute pleasure to drink. Classically subtle West Ridge tannins are wrapped in the silky red fruits that characterize this vintage. West Ridge elegance meets 2011 deliciousness! Drink now, or hold for a few more years. 

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Pinot Noir
Sonoma Coast
Vineyard Designation
Hirsch Vineyards
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